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2017 Calendar and Pretty Cover for Mini Planners

2017 Calendar Feature Picture
Pin 2017 Calendar

It’s here and it’s free! I have just finished creating the 2017 Calendar (Year-at-a-Glance) and planner cover to go with my customizable daily planner pages. I’ve also created mini binder bookmarks that displays months of the year. Scroll to the end of the post to get your free cover, year at a glance, and dividers for your mini planner.

2017 Calendar and Cover Page

This year I have taken classes learning all about Adobe Illustrator. My goal: to make prettier products for my subscribers including my planner pages. These free printables are my first attempt at Adobe Illustrator so I really hope that you like them. Stay tune in the coming year for more free printables as I try to get better and improve my skills and products.

Changes This Year

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For those who are currently using my planner pages, you will find that I did not include the monthly cover sheets. After using my planner, I realized that those covers weren’t so planner-friendly as I thought. Instead, I am using my bookmarks (with months printed on them) to mark special days along with my Avery color coding labels. I find this more planner-friendly and hope you do too. I use green labels for birthdays, pink for holidays, yellow for special events, and orange for vacations.

Bookmark with Avery color coding labels for 2017 Calendar
This was the prototype bookmark. See below for the one you will receive.
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Putting your Bookmarks Together

To put your 2017 Calendar bookmarks together, first cut on the dotted line and then fold on the solid ones.

Dividers or bookmarks for 2017 Calendar

I suggest laminating your bookmarks so they will last the whole year. With a dry erase marker, mark the placement for your punch holes. Don’t forget that you want the bookmark to stick out on the top a bit, so adjust accordingly. After hole punching your bookmark, snip from the edge of the bookmark (side with the punch holes) to the punch hole. This will allow you to easily move the bookmark. Also, I cut the top inner corner of all my pages and bookmark leaving room for ring tab on the top.

For First Timers to My Site

For those who are here for the first time, scroll down to the end of this post to access my customizable perpetual daily mini planner pages. Also, visit my planner pages post to learn how best to put these pages together. For the printables in this post, I highly suggest laminating them so that they don’t fall apart before the year is over. Another option is to insert your cover/year-at-a-glance calendar sheet into a mini planner page protector. If you’re unable to do either, I suggest purchasing reinforcement labels to protect your paper punch holes from tearing.

Planner cover and 2017 Calendar

Ready to Print Your Freebie?

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I hope you enjoy these mini planner pages. Don’t forget: I have the mini binder menu planner and mini binder finances pages that you can access here. I am currently working on a goals worksheet for the upcoming year.

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Have any suggestions for planner inserts that you would like to see made? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to create one for all my readers.

Pinterest image for 2017 Calendar and Cover

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Organizing Your Finances Printables

organizing your finances Budget Binder Cover

Organizing Your Finances

pin pic of finance pages

I am hoping that for the new year you have set some financial goals for yourself such as paying off that student loan, saving up for a much needed vacation, or opening up that retirement account you keep putting off. Whatever your goals, you should first have a firm handle of your finances. That is, you need to start organizing your finances. Now there are tons of software out there that can help you set up a budget and electronically fill in your expenses from your bank account and these are great. However, if you are terrible with saving money and just can’t seem to climb out of debt, might I suggest plain old paper and pencil to track your finances. I believe that by documenting all your finances by hand, you can get a better understanding of where your money is going. By relying on software to do this, you can easily deny yourself the practice of recognizing certain spending patterns that you follow.

Personally, I have been documenting all my finances by hand for years now. Sure, I could probably do this using software since I have a strong hold of my finances but why mess with a good and reliable system. So, today, I am giving away for free printables to help you start your own budget/finance binder and help get you organizing your finances.

These free printables include:

  • an account sheet (these can be printed multiple times for each and every account you have open such as a checking account, savings account, credit cards, and loans)
  • bill recorder (I use these to track all upcoming bills to be paid so that I don’t forget to pay them)
  • budget page

With these binder pages, I have also included examples and directions on how to use them especially if this is your first time tackling your finances. Please note that I created two different pages for the account sheets so that if you wish to print them front and back, you have room for hole punches.

Below is our family’s financial binder. In it, I used index dividers to separate my accounts into the following categories: budget, bills, checking, credit cards, loans, investments, savings, and our net worth. But by all means, name your index dividers according to the types of finances you currently have at the moment.

I really hope you find these printables helpful.

To download your free financial binder pages, click here. 

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Finding Coupons, Part 1

couponing part1 pin pic

Couponing Efficiently Series

Finding Coupons, Part 1

couponing series cover pic for pinteres

For this part of my couponing efficiently series, I will go over the best ways for finding coupons. Remember, that in the intro I talked about time. That is, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Before the digital age, most people got their coupons from the Sunday newspaper. They still do, however, they have become more accessible from online coupon outlets and more recently, mobile apps. For this part in the series, I am only going to cover ‘paper’ coupons. I will go over mobile ones in part 4.


Newspapers are probably the best way to get your coupons so I highly suggest getting a finding coupons newsstandsubscription; in fact, get two! The benefit of purchasing two papers is that you will have two of every coupon which comes in handy for Buy One Get One Free deals. Here are top reasons for getting a subscription:

  1. Cost of the newspaper will be cheaper in the long run
  2. One less thing you have to do on Sundays
  3. Stores may run out of papers quickly (depending on where you live)

When ordering a subscription, many newspapers offer a low price for “Sunday only” deliveries so don’t forget to ask. If you are a teacher, some papers have an educator’s subscription price which can bring down your costs. Also, ask for deals for subscribing to more than one paper. When my mother embarked on her journey to becoming an extreme couponer, her local paper gave her a good deal on a 10-paper subscription.

Online Printable Coupons

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There are several printable coupon outlets online that I personally love. has to be one of the best, so far. I suggest that if you haven’t signed up with them, do so, and make sure to download their coupon toolbar. With this toolbar, you can look for a particular coupon for a specific brand with ease. For example, if you are looking for a coupon for Starbucks coffee k-cups, all you would have to do is go to their toolbar, click on beverages. finding coupons toolbar This will open a menu for different types of beverages including coffee.

Another site I like to check for coupons that I do not have on hand is Other online coupon outlets are: SmartSource, RedPlum, and P&G Saver. These sites offer printable coupons and some will link coupons to your store loyalty card. How’s that for cutting clipping time. Visit their page and sign up so you don’t miss out on valuable offers.

One thing to remember is that most, if not all, printable coupons have a two coupon only limit until the offer is renewed by their company. These sites keep track of this through a special coding system that recognizes your printer. If you try to print more than two the site will cancel the printing letting you know the you have reached their coupon limit.

Thinking About Your Time

So, here is where you have to decide how you will get your coupons and have that coincide with the time you are making available to couponing.

  1. You can skip all of the above and take chances on finding coupons along the way. This means that you will have little savings on your grocery shopping but more time on your hands.
  2. Opt to do online coupon sources that link coupons to your loyalty cards but you take the chance of missing out on some great coupons newspapers have to offer.
  3. Rely on newspapers only but miss additional savings from online coupon sources.
  4. You can do all of the above and increase your savings.
  5. Order 10+ newspapers, go dumpster diving, purchase a few more printers, knock on neighbors’ doors for their coupons, start a coupon swap with other couponers, etc.–now you are thinking like an extreme couponer and have taken on a full-time job. Yikes!!

Up next: Couponing Efficiently, Part 2: Coupon Organizers

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