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2016-2017 6th Grade Homeschool Schedule

picture of school schedule

Our 2016-2017 6th Grade Homeschool Schedule

6th grade homeschool schedule pin pic

Below you will find the boys’ 2016-2017 6th grade homeschool schedule. After choosing their curriculum, I was able to create the boys’ school day schedule that takes us from 9am-3pm. Keep in mind that there are days when we are unable to stick to our schedule due to appointments, errands, etc. We try our best to stick to the schedule so that we can finish our day on time.

2016-2017 6th grade homeschool schedule

We will be starting our first day of school this year on August 8. It does seem a little early but I plan on making several trips this year. The boys are bummed out about the early date but they are looking forward to those breaks throughout the year.

Coming soon…Planner inserts!

This year I created a student planner for each of the boys so that they can keep track of their schedule, work, and grades. Just another little step towards independence. I included a laminated daily schedule and a laminated school day schedule where they can insert tasks with a dry erase marker. Jack really likes this since he tries to stay on task. Josh, not so much.

I am currently preparing to offer planner inserts for students and moms (and dads). These inserts were made for mini binders but I realize that some people prefer regular binders and so I will make both available soon. Here is a sneak peek of what I am creating:

  • goal worksheets
  • menu planner
  • fitness tracker
  • blogger’s planner
  • homeschool planner
  • household chores checklists
  • weekly couponing checklist
  • finance tracker
  • student reading logs
  • grade tracker
  • attendance sheet

It seems like a lot of inserts but some are laminated so that you can use them over and over like the daily/weekly chores list insert. One simply crosses out each chore using a dry erase marker once its been completed. Then simply erase the marks and reuse it for the following day/week.

Stay tune for future posts where I will make these available for you for free. ????

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Customizing Planners

planner cover page customizing planners

Customizing Planners

UPDATE: Click here for my free 2017 Mini Planner Cover and Year-at-a-Glance Sheet as well as the 2017 bookmark.

pin pic of customizing planners

Trying My Hand at Customizing Planners

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links that I have provided for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

I know, I know. Customizing planners is now the latest rage. But I swear I had no idea it was the latest fad until I stepped into a Michael’s and saw shelves of stuff dedicated to putting one together. For years now I have looked for planners and organizers that suited my freakishly organized ways…there are none! So I end up buying those planners that just have a lot of lines where I just insert those ‘things to do’ items. It turned out to be equivalent to a mini notebook. My current planner has a 4 months-at-a-glance set up (see arrows in pic below), which I like, and lines for specific times of the day. Pretty boring and most of all ugly.

black planner cover customizing plannersinside classic planner customizing plannersWith my current planner ending in June, I decided to start shopping for a more customizable and pretty planner. The search was on and it was going nowhere. One day while needing to go to Michael’s for paint supplies, I came across their display for creating one’s own planner. I was intrigued with all the beautiful shiny parts that one can buy to create a planner but I was also turned off by what I saw as clutter. Their binders were beautiful but everything else was just clutter with hundreds of stickers and doodads. While this may seem cute for some people I don’t think I could get anything done having to wade through all that stuff. So the next logical step for me to do is to create my own planner and begin customizing it to fit my lifestyle. It wouldn’t hurt to make it look pretty too.

To get started on this new endeavor, I quickly wrote down those things that I wanted in a planner. One thing I needed was a way to remind me of all the things that need my attention on a daily basis. This could be accomplished by listing certain topics on a daily page. Some planners had a ‘bills to pay’ section or ‘errands’ but I needed more than that. I wanted more sections for other parts of my life like fitness goals. I also wanted sections to cover my homeschooling and blogging duties. Lastly, I wanted to have my months (current and next month, if possible), visible on my pages.

Once I felt that I had listed everything I wanted, I got started on creating the most awesome planner. Not! OMG! I didn’t realize how difficult this was to put together. The easiest part was purchasing my beautiful shell of a binder. I got mine at Walmart for under $4. It is made by Avery.

Pretty Mini Binder customizing plannersHaving used a letter size binder a few years ago which I didn’t like for various reasons, I opted for a mini one this time.

Mistake #1 in customizing planners: learn how to use your margins for optimum space and don’t forget that you will need to hole punch these.

Mistake #2 in customizing planners: so that you are not wasting paper, learn how to create printables keeping in mind what the other side of the sheet will look like. You don’t want to hole punch through tomorrow’s schedule.

Mistake #3 in customizing planners: DO NOT ADD MONTHS TO YOUR DAILY SHEETS. This was the worst part. Because I wanted my 4-months-at-a-glance aspect, I had to make sure everything was in order, and if I made a small mistake, then I would have to start over and waste more paper. Not only that but I had to create separate files for each month and make more modifications for the beginning of each month and end. It was just crazy.

Mistake #4 in customizing planners: underestimating how much paper it would take for creating a two-page daily sheet. I was only able to fit two months at a time in my binder.

Mistake #5 in customizing planners: taking my creation to Office Max to be printed out. For about 100 color pages back and front, they wanted to charge me $120, this was without cutting my pages in half and having them hole punched. Never mind, OM, I’ll do it myself.

Ok, so after learning from those mistakes above, I learned how to create my planner without having to rip out all my hair. I learned what margins worked best, used my alignment buttons correctly to avoid hole punch errors, and I made myself a pretty page divider that holds my months at-a-glance. After working with my daily two-page layout, I realized that I did not need that much space and was able to condense my daily aspects into one page. I, also, used one page for Saturday and Sunday planning.

Below is the evolution of my planner (sorry for the blurriness, I’m in the midst of learning how to post better photos). I am now working on adding more parts such as a monthly goals worksheet, fitness goals sheet, finance organizer, blogging planner, and a menu planner. I know, I know, where am I going to fit it? Again, it’s all about optimizing paper space, getting rid of what you don’t need, and coming up with creative ways to fit in the stuff you need. If I can successfully get this finished, I am hoping this could be the start of a cute side business. I wonder if I can make a go of customizing planners for different individuals but first, I’ll test them on the family, starting with hubby’s beer brewing planner and the kid’s student’s planners….binder cover page customizing plannersyear at a glance customizing plannersmonth at a glance customizing plannersMonth covers customizing planners


two page daily pages customizing planners
1st attempt on daily pages: two-page layout
new daily pages customizing planners
last and final attempt on creating a one- page daily sheet for binder
planner divider customizing planners
bookmark like divider with months on front and back


planner divider in use customizing planners
bookmark in binder replacing 4 months at a glance aspect that i love

UPDATE: Click here for my free 2017 Mini Planner Cover and Year-at-a-Glance Sheet as well as the 2017 bookmark.

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