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Goal Setting Worksheets to Help Make Your New Year Successful

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Another year has come and gone and this is when many people begin making resolutions for the coming year. And like most resolutions, they will be broken before February comes along. Instead, I like creating doable goals that have a few benchmark steps so that I can monitor my success and growth as I reach my final goal. I have created goal setting worksheets that help me work towards achieving my goals and thought I’d share them with you.

Before Setting Goals

Before I begin setting goals, I like to look back on the goals that I had set the year before. I like seeing the goals I accomplished, the goals that I almost achieved, and the ones that fell flat.

Last year, I created 10 goals and only fully completed 3 of them; 1 was cancelled because of a death in the family; I made small dents in 4 of the goals; and I made no progress on 2 of the goals.

For the goals I almost achieved, I ask myself what can I do to get it done in the coming year. What stopped me from reaching this goal: was it money? time?

For the goals that I listed but did not work on, I ask myself whether it is a goal I really want to work on. Why didn’t I follow through? Should this goal make it onto my new year’s goal list?

How to Use the Goal Setting Worksheets

There are two worksheets. Make a copy of the first sheet. Then make copies of the second sheet front and back to save paper. That is one sheet for every two goals you listed. For the first page just brain dump all the goals you would like to work on for this coming year. Some examples can include losing a certain amount of weight, taking classes, reading a certain amount of books, get some home improvements done, and maybe do some traveling. I only listed spaces for 10 goals but feel free to list more on the back. Then, for each goal, fill out the second sheet. Check out my personal examples below.

Vacation Goal Setting
Our Family Vacay Goal Sheet

For our yearly family vacation. I listed reasons for this goal and a deadline. I also listed my steps for completing this goal. You may need to do some research for this part. In my case, I had to set a budget to see what was financially reasonable. I also listed ways I can save for this trip such as using discounts or member rewards. In the notes, I just listed the phone number and website address for this vacation spot.

Mortgage Goal Setting Sheet
This is my Paying Off Mortgage Worksheet

Monitor your Successes

After filling out all the worksheets, I recommend putting them somewhere where they will be visible. I keep mine on my wall organizer. On the first of every month I evaluate each goal for growth/success then fill out the goal achievement circles on the bottom of each sheet. Here is an example:

Monthy goal setting circles

If necessary, make changes to help you reach that ultimate goal. If you’ve completed a goal, then remove the goal worksheet and file it away. At the end of the year, gather up these worksheets and marvel at your successes and rethink your other goals for the coming new year.

So are you ready for 2017? Click here for your goal setting worksheets to get started on a successful year to come.

Happy New Year!!!!

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Setting Goals in 2016

Setting Goals worksheet

Setting Goals for 2016 and Beyond

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links that I have provided for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

First, let me say Happy New Year! I have been away for a few weeks but I am back with some helpful advice and a free printable on setting goals for 2016 that can hopefully get your new year off to a great start.

Like many new years, I frequently hear people making resolutions from losing weight to saving money. But by the end of the first month, a majority of these resolutions are broken never to be heard from again until the following year. I think this is why for the past decade or so, I refuse to make any resolutions. The idea of starting with a clean slate is so appealing but the minute we falter in our promises, we tend to give up easily.

I think this is also exacerbated by our ever-increasing need these days to want results NOW. We want to lose weight but if we don’t go from a size 12 to a size 6 in one week, we are done. I have been there too many times. Over 5 years ago I decided to lose weight. On the advice of Dr. Oz, I avoided starting my weight loss on the 1st of anything. This meant that I should avoid making any commitments on the first month of the year, as wells as the first week of a month and the first day of the week. Luckily for me it was the second week of August in 2010, so it was not hard to follow the first two rules above, but I waited until the 10th to start. It was an ordinary Tuesday that has since changed my life.

So my advice to you all is to stop making resolutions! Instead, start setting goals that are achievable. Create a list of goals that are physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally attainable. So, instead of saying that you want to lose 50 pounds this year, make a goal of losing 4 pounds a month. This way, you get to celebrate little victories every month and by the end of the year, you will be so close to that more daunting goal of 50 pounds in one year.

Once you’ve started setting goals, you also need to write down how you plan to reach each goal. For example, I want to have a pool installed this year and I know the cost to be somewhere near $5,000. I have approximately 6 months until summer so there a few things I can do. First, I want to shop around for pool installers immediately. I am hoping that by doing so in January, I may be able to get a good price. The second thing I can do is to set up a direct deposit of $200 a week into my saving account until I reach $5,000.

Another thing, I like to do is to write down my 5-year and 10-year goals. It’s basically a snapshot of where I think I will be in 5 to 10 years. These can be goals or actual events. For example, in 5 years, I plan to have our home mortgage paid off. In 10 years, hubby will have retired and we should be living in our final home. I like using these goals not only to keep us motivated in reaching our ‘dreams’ but to also look back on later. We can either smile at our accomplishments, or laugh at the goals that changed because we have changed. Five years ago, owning a craft beer brewing equipment and supplies store was high on our list but today, my hubby and I have since dropped that idea.

So what are your goals for this year? Start setting goals by using the free goal setting sheet that I use and have created for you. Just enter your email below, subscribe, and click submit.

Update: This printable is no longer downloadable.

Feel free to share your goals for 2016 by entering them in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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