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EEME Review

boys working on EEME project 3 EEME review

EEME Review as Part of Our Homeschool Curriculum

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What does EEME Stand For?

EEME stands for Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering. I added EEME to our 6th grade curriculum this year after searching for an elective that the boys would love (and stick to). This is my EEME review.


After homeschooling for three years, I’ve tried to get them interested in art. The boys just don’t care for it. They have my tone-deafness, so playing an instrument is off the curriculum. They love their Legos and building things. However, when I require they build something for school, their motivation and creativity shut down.

One thing they do love: video games!! and Legos, of course. So, I decided to add computer science to the curriculum. Right now, they are learning the basics of computers and programs and will graduate into creating gaming programs and coding in the next few years.

They like their new course but learning the basics is not really exciting. I felt that something was lacking. The curriculum needed a hands-on creative outlet that ties in with electronics. This is when I found EEME. EEME provides project-based activities where kids put together various electronic and mechanical components. The results are thrilling as my boys light up a bulb, display different numbers on a LED, and recently, sound an alarm.

josh showing off EEME light project

What is EEME?

EEME is not your typical textbook/exam curriculum. The company sends a different project every month and provides video instructions online at their website. So far, each project has 20-30+ modules that consist of activities (putting together pieces), and review questions before they progress to the next activity. This monthly subscription is $18.95.

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I have to say that the boys really like EEME and truly cannot wait until their next shipment. I am beyond happy that I was able to find something that the boys are sticking to (unlike karate.) It doesn’t hurt that it is educational too. Now, the boys are realizing that their computers are not just a screen and keyboard (or console) but a set of electronics put together and programmed to make it work the way it does. They truly are learning the bare-bone basics of all things electrical and mechanical.

boys working on EEME Project 1

Fitting EEME into Our Curriculum

As for fitting this into our curriculum, I have designated it an elective so there is no one special day we work on our EEME. I check out our work load and if there is time, they will do a handful of modules (usually one activity followed up with review). This allows the boys to work on their projects once or twice a week without too much down time between shipments.

EEME also offers other projects on their site that include robotics. I am thinking about saving that for the summer. So take a look at what they have to offer and consider this as an elective for your son(s) or daughter(s) whether you homeschool or not.

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