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Pinecone Christmas Trees

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Pinecone Christmas Trees

pin pinecone christmas trees

My son loves collecting rocks, leaves, and also pinecones. Every year, he comes from the park with an armload of pinecones and I try to find ways to fit it in my dĂ©cor. This year, he picked a few large and very pretty pinecones. When we came home, many of the pinecones were missing their stems giving them a flat top. When I set them on a table, they looked liked miniature ‘Christmas’ trees. So, I decided to get crafty and created miniature pinecone Christmas trees.

Materials Used

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I created three different pinecone Christmas trees. For all three trees you will need a can of snow spray, the kind you get for making window displays during this time of year.

pinecone christmas trees snow sprayAs for the other materials, these will be up to you. I purchased all these items at Michaels.

In searching for tree decorations, I found some green/red/gold ribbon trim.

pinecone christmas trees ribbonI also purchased two ornaments: one filled with miniature colored Styrofoam balls and

pinecone christmas trees ornament 1the other filled with glitter confetti;

pinecone christmas trees ornament 2

a set of miniature Christmas lights;

pinecone christmas trees lightsand a silver star charm.

pinecone christmas trees charm If you’d like to create a Christmas scene you may want to buy a snow roll.

pinecone christmas trees snow rollThe snow roll also helps to straighten some leaning trees.

pinecone christmas trees spray glue

To create the glitter tree I recommend a spray glue.

You will also need a glue gun.

Prepping the Trees

The first thing you may want to do is check the tops of the pinecones and remove any stems.

pinecone christmas trees stemThen, set them on a table (top part on bottom) and check for leaning.

pinecone christmas trees leaningTo fix any leaning, remove some of the bottom scales until it is balanced.

pinecone christmas trees straighteningNext, using a thin paint brush, clean off any debris on the pinecones. I had dust, seeds, webs, and even a dead spider in one.

Place your trees on newspapers, and spray them with the snow spray.

pinecone christmas trees frosted 2pinecone christmas trees frostedYou can spray lightly or coat it heavily. This is up to you and how you want your tree to look. I coated mine heavily. As you decorate your trees take into consideration that you may lose some of your snow coating due to handling. Let your trees dry for at least 24 hours.

Decorating Pinecone Christmas Trees

Glitter Tree

To create my glitter tree, I sprayed glue all over it, and immediately sprinkled the glitter confetti I got from one of the Christmas ornament. This took less than two minutes to make.

pinecone christmas trees glitter

Christmas Tree with Lights, Trim, and Star

Wrap the tree with the lights first. Since these lights were 9 feet long, I wrapped this tree a few times. Next, I removed the extra pieces off the star charm and glued it to the top of the tree. After, I wrapped some gold/green/red trim. This helped to hide the glue gun blob holding the star in place. This took about 30 minutes to put together.

pinecone christmas trees lighted

Christmas Tree with Ball Ornaments

This tree took the most time to make. Depending on the size of your pinecone, expect to spend an hour putting everything together. To make this tree, I laid a strip of glue (using the glue gun) on the width of each pinecone scale. Then I added two miniature Styrofoam balls on each scale. When this is complete allow the glue to dry for about an hour. Finally, go back and carefully remove those little hairs or tails that the glue gun makes as you complete your tree.


pinecone christmas trees with balls 2

Optional Ideas

I set my pinecone Christmas trees on a piece of wood that I painted white and laid out a layer of snow roll. This helped with some of the trees that had a slight lean. I also purchased miniature gifts to finish the scenepinecone christmas trees giftsand placed a Happy Holidays wooden sign that I got from Michaels and painted red.

While I was at Michaels, they had a whole section dedicated to creating miniature Christmas scenes. I wanted to buy them all but that would have been really costly. Instead, I think I am going to buy one miniature a year and just build up my scene that way. They had things like lampposts, benches, and animals. Again, the decorating is all up to you.

pinecone christmas trees lighted 2

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