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2017 Calendar and Pretty Cover for Mini Planners

2017 Calendar Feature Picture
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It’s here and it’s free! I have just finished creating the 2017 Calendar (Year-at-a-Glance) and planner cover to go with my customizable daily planner pages. I’ve also created mini binder bookmarks that displays months of the year. Scroll to the end of the post to get your free cover, year at a glance, and dividers for your mini planner.

2017 Calendar and Cover Page

This year I have taken classes learning all about Adobe Illustrator. My goal: to make prettier products for my subscribers including my planner pages. These free printables are my first attempt at Adobe Illustrator so I really hope that you like them. Stay tune in the coming year for more free printables as I try to get better and improve my skills and products.

Changes This Year

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For those who are currently using my planner pages, you will find that I did not include the monthly cover sheets. After using my planner, I realized that those covers weren’t so planner-friendly as I thought. Instead, I am using my bookmarks (with months printed on them) to mark special days along with my Avery color coding labels. I find this more planner-friendly and hope you do too. I use green labels for birthdays, pink for holidays, yellow for special events, and orange for vacations.

Bookmark with Avery color coding labels for 2017 Calendar
This was the prototype bookmark. See below for the one you will receive.
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Putting your Bookmarks Together

To put your 2017 Calendar bookmarks together, first cut on the dotted line and then fold on the solid ones.

Dividers or bookmarks for 2017 Calendar

I suggest laminating your bookmarks so they will last the whole year. With a dry erase marker, mark the placement for your punch holes. Don’t forget that you want the bookmark to stick out on the top a bit, so adjust accordingly. After hole punching your bookmark, snip from the edge of the bookmark (side with the punch holes) to the punch hole. This will allow you to easily move the bookmark. Also, I cut the top inner corner of all my pages and bookmark leaving room for ring tab on the top.

For First Timers to My Site

For those who are here for the first time, scroll down to the end of this post to access my customizable perpetual daily mini planner pages. Also, visit my planner pages post to learn how best to put these pages together. For the printables in this post, I highly suggest laminating them so that they don’t fall apart before the year is over. Another option is to insert your cover/year-at-a-glance calendar sheet into a mini planner page protector. If you’re unable to do either, I suggest purchasing reinforcement labels to protect your paper punch holes from tearing.

Planner cover and 2017 Calendar

Ready to Print Your Freebie?

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I hope you enjoy these mini planner pages. Don’t forget: I have the mini binder menu planner and mini binder finances pages that you can access here. I am currently working on a goals worksheet for the upcoming year.

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Have any suggestions for planner inserts that you would like to see made? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to create one for all my readers.

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Planner Templates for Mini Binders

Free Planner Templates for Mini Binders

pinterest picture of mini planner templates

It is finally here: free planner templates for mini binders!

UPDATE: Click here for my free 2017 Mini Planner Cover and Year-at-a-Glance Sheet as well as the 2017 bookmark.

If you’ve read my last post on planners you would know that I love having a planner but was unhappy with those sold at most stores. There was never one that fully worked with my lifestyle and so I tried my hand at making my own. I also wanted something compact so I found a pretty mini binder and went to work on creating paper-efficient planner templates that would fit my mini binder. Now, I know that it’s mid-August but I will be working on 2017 very soon especially for those who want to use this as a student planner.

Before you print!

Before you print, you will need some supplies and others are just optional but can make putting this together much easier (and prettier).

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links that I have provided for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

  1. mini binder(5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″) Avery has a few of these with pretty designs
  2. hole punch
  3. paper cutter (optional) *scissors will do
  4. laminator (optional) *packaging tape will do
  5. mini binder page protectors (optional) *you may need reinforcement labels
  6. index tabs (optional)
  7. heavy paper or cardstock (optional) *you may need reinforcement labels
  8. highlighters or color coding labels (optional)

Here is What You’ll Get

Planner Covers with Year-At-A-Glance

So, I have made several cover pages with a cute ‘charm’. And don’t worry, the website name pictured here will not be there when you download your cover. They are butterfly, heart, purple sun, flowers, cat, apple, and yoga mom. There is also a student planner cover (not pictured). If anyone has suggestions for 2017 ‘charms’ just let me know in the comments below and I’ll get on them soon.

After printing out your cover, I suggest folding it and then put it into a page protector. This will help make it last longer. Or you can print it on cardstock, hole punch it, and use reinforcement labels.

planner templates fold cover yearplanner templates hole punch cover year


I’ve also created a bookmark to keep your daily pages organized. On it, are the last six months so that you do not have to flip to the front’s year-at-a-glance. When you print these there will be two sets of bookmarks: light blue/apricot and pink/apricot. After folding mine in half (along the middle gray column), I laminated it but you can also use packaging tape to make it durable.

planner templates bookmarkfold

After laminating it, hole punch the left side. Remember that you want the bookmark to stick above the pages so line up the holes to the height you would like it at. Using scissors, make a single snip from the hole to the left edge of paper.


Cut the top left corner as shown in the picture so that it doesn’t get in the way of the binder rings’ tabs.


Then insert the bookmark. Now it can be moved daily without having to open the binder rings.bookmarkinsert

Month Covers

Update: I discontinued the month covers for 2017. Click here to get you 2017 mini binder planner cover and year-at-glance.

Your free planner templates will also come with monthly covers. On the back is a space for notes. These will run from September-December 2016. I am working on 2017 and will make this available in November in case you are using this as a student planner.

When you print these, make sure you are using both sides of sheet. That is, September/Notes pages should have October/Notes on back and the same goes for November and December. Then cut each sheet in half for each month.

planner template month page protector

If you decide to put them in page protectors or laminate them, don’t forget that you can use dry erase markers to make notes.


If you decide to forgo the page protectors or lamination, then I suggest using card stock or heavy paper and/or reinforcement labels. This will help to make them last throughout the month. This is actually what I do for my binder. As you can see I hole punch it and use Post-It tabs to help me locate the month.


There a couple of ways to use your month cover. One way is to highlight special days as shown. I am in love with Sharpie’s liquid highlighters!


Or you can use Avery’s color code labels as shown here.


Daily Pages

Last but not least, the daily pages. Some have filled in headings and some are blank. Choose the one that works for you and your child. These are created so that you can save on paper. Each sheet, if you print them front and back, has four days. These sheets are highly customizable so after downloading your free templates, you can keep printing these for years to come.


Here is a sample of the upper portion of my daily page as I would use it. The upper portion is like a to-do list. You can use the left column to add in a time or as a check off box. For the goals section, I added fitness, learning, family and me time. Again, you can customize this to fit your goals. Next, is the pay, errands, and menu section.

top sample page

The lower part of the page, I assigned the green section as my “Blog” to-do section. But again, you use this section as you see fit. Label it whatever you’d like. And, of course, no day is complete without having a few chores to do. I also added a shopping list and notes section.

bottom sample page

Here’s How to Get your Free Planner Templates Now

Click here–> I want my mini planner daily pages!